Dora is 11.2hh Bay, Shetland x Unknown.Born 2005

She is a redwings pony as her mother was found neglected and gave birth shortly after her rescue.

Dora is used mostly for lead rein riders but also enjoys being riden by our more advance small riders. 


Chip is 14.2hh, breed unknown, Born 2017.

Chip is a Redwings pony and was rescued as a yearling in an amaciated state, but with some good care and lots of love from his first foster home hes enjoying life now at Hill Farm to the full. Ridden by both children and small adults. 








Malcom is 13hh Dark bay, Dartmoor pony. Born 2003

Malcolm is a firm favourte with all of the children and loves his job. He has been at Hill Farm for over 13 years. He does all pony club activities and looks after our children in the RDA and those with SEND. 


Oakley is 13.2hh Skewbald cob type. Born 2009.

Oakley Joined Hill farm In 2012 he is a cheeky, fun pony who has taught so many children to canter he looks after all abilitys of riders and also or RDA and SEND children. 


Latimer is 13.2hh Cob black/brown. born 2008.

Latimer has taught so many children to ride since joining Hill farm in 2014 shes been hunting enjoys going to the woods and even had a trip to the seaside. 


Edith is 13.3hh Piebald Traditional Welsh Cob. Born 2009.

Edith joined Hill Farm in 2014 and now belongs to Fay and Amber her daughter. Edith has taught many children to ride and is riden by our small adults as well. Fay has taken Edith to lots of dressage competitions and even made it to Hickstead for the Sunshine tour championships. 

Charlie Blue

Charlie is 11.2hh  and is a Blue roan, shetland x Unknown. Born 2023.

Charlie has taught lots of children to ride since he joined Hill Farm in 2011, he loves jumping despite only being small. He,s only down side to being so brilliant is hates being fussed and groomed by the children so we leave him be. 


Polly is 13hh New Forest, Bay, Born 2005

Polly is the newest member of the team and belongs to Jade our member of staff. Polly has done lots of hacking and showing and has been well educated by Jade. She enjoys jumping and never left after attending a showjumping competition at Hill Farm in 2023. Polly is developing a good fan club of all the children who have riden her so far. 


Bennie is 13.3hh, Cob, Piebald born in 2013

Bennie joined Hill Farm in 2020 and has proven very popular. He loves aattention and has quite a jump in him. Bennie turns his hoof to most thing and enjoys all pony club activities. his only flaw is hes not a fan of motorbikes out hacking. 



Liam is 84cm high and a palomino, Minature Shetland,

Liam joined Hill farm in 2020 and Sarah taught him to drive during lock down and herself! He has been out taking part in driving competitions and even made it to the sunshine tour championships in 2023 after qualifing at competitions during last summer. Liam is a definite favorite for all our under 5 year old riders and takes charge of the toddle sessions. 


Smurf is a 16hh Thoroughbred. Born 2015

Smurf (aka Westies supermare) was in training but wasnt fast enough she has been a firm favorite on the yard and has been steady and kind, but is taking a break from riding school duties to do some dressage training with Sarah before reterning to school duty. 







16.1hh Black Gelderlander. Born 1998

Romeo was originaly gifted to Sarah to compete in 2021, however his past was mostly teaching people to ride after his international Carriage driving days were over. This he enjoys much more so he slipped into the riding school and despite being very bouncy he's great fun. 


14:2hh Piebald, traditional cob.Born at Hill Farm in 2014 (out of latimer)

Henry has taken a long time to start working full time he has been a buddy to lots of weanlings and then eventualy started work in 2019 to then be stoped due to covid! He has a strong personality and loves a good Hack round the woods or out on the x-country course, but it takes an experienced rider to get the most out of him for his flat work. he has also been competed at dressage and showjumping he loves. 




Lighting is 17.2hh liver chesnut, Irish Sports horse. Born 2007 

Lightning is the bigest member of the team and is loved by everyone. He has hunted, been competed to elimentry level dressage and enjoys showjumping. He looks after all our adult riders from beginers to  advanced and some of our tall children and teenagers. 


15.2 hh Piebald traditional cob  born 2007

Arnie was bought from facebook for a small fee from some ones back garden! he was kind but uneducated and took a long time to get his head round the idea of life as a riding school horse. However with time and persaverance he has now proved himself to be a firm favorite even competing in a dressage competition in 2022.He is great to hack and loves jumping.


16.2 Shire, Bay, Born 2012

Annabelle arived at Hill Farm in May 2016 and has grown so much, its taken her a long time to finish filling her big frame and grow into her enormous head. She is a kind and sweet girl who has looked after a lot of beginer adults and also is used for our RDA and SEND adults and tall children. she loves heading to the woods for a hack and x-country jumping.


15.2hh Connemara, Flea Bitten Grey, Born 2006.

Billy came to Hill Farm at the end of 2020 after being a general riding horse. He has got a great fan club and has developed quite a personality. He is as honest a horse as we have ever known. At the start of 2023 Sarah had lost a couple of her competition horses through injury or old age and haden't competed for a good number of years. Billy was taken out of the school and has helped her get back in the saddle, seeing her safely round x-country competitions, showjumping, dressage (including representing Suffolk) also qualifing for the Sunshine Tour at Hickstead with his best acheivement being winning the Ridden horse championship.

He is heding to the British Dressage winter area dressage finals in febuary too, with a good list of plans lined up for 2024. He does pop into the odd lesson still to keep hes hand in.